Madden Ultimate team is quite popular among the sports game lovers as well as the fan of American football. The realistic graphics and advanced gaming engine only add to its popularity.

Players are always in search of hacks and trick related to Madden Mobile to advance in the game or to win the matches quickly and defeat their rivals.

One of the most searched terms related to this is, how to earn Madden Mobile coins faster. That’s why we have put an entire article to share tips and trick to earn coins and cash faster in Madden Mobile.

Before we proceed we’d like to warn you against websites claiming to provide unlimited coins instantly. These Madden Mobile coins generator sites are totally fake and not worth the time.

These websites are only there to rob you of your personal information or to scam you into giving them money. So we strongly advise you to stay away from these websites.

Madden Mobile Coins Hack


Madden Mobile overview

If you are a fan of sports games then you have most certainly heard about the Madden NFL mobile. It’s the mobile version of Madden Ultimate Team.

The game is based on American national football league.

Madden Mobile features players and cards to buy. To get these you have to participate in different events that would earn you card packs and coins.

The gameplay includes different modes like seasons, live events, head to head, leagues, and sets. Different game modes have different rules to advance. The number of matches also differs.

The game also offers much in-game purchase and even has an auction house where you can buy and sell different players.


Why Coins are extremely important in Madden Mobile?

Well, if you want to advance in the game and win matches you need Madden Mobile Ultimate Team. You can only do so if you have good reputed players in your team.

While players are available for purchase if you don’t have the required in-game cash how can you purchase them?

Besides this madden coins also lets you buy select Ultimate team card which is very useful in the game.

So it all comes down to you having as much as Madden Mobile coins as you can.


How to earn free Madden Mobile coins faster

Our proven Madden Mobile hacks and tricks will surely let you earn coins faster. So without further ado let’s get you acquainted with all the points mentioned below:

Complete the tutorials and earn Madden Mobile coins

Completing tutorial can be boring, more so if you have stick to the NFL franchise from the beginning, but simply completing the tutorial earns you more than 3500 coins within minutes after starting the game.


  1. Complete tasks to earn Madden Mobile coins

You can earn a reward of 3000+ coins for completing a certain task from the objective screen within the ultimate team.

There are four objectives that are winning 2 games and complete the set within the item binder. If you can complete these tasks before 5 am EST each day you can claim your reward.


  1. Complete Longshot mode before you start the Ultimate Team

Depending upon your performance in Longshot mode, you will get a Longshot challenge in the Ultimate Team mode. In the solo challenges section of the Madden Mobile Ultimate Team you will get the Longshot challenge, and after completing them you will get rewarded with players as well as Madden Mobile coins.


  1. Play in live events to earn Madden Mobile coins

Live events present excellent opportunities to earn Madden coins and most probably the fastest way to do so.

These events are only available on certain days of the week but whenever you get the chance, grab it to earn some handsome reward in the form of coins.


  1. Buy low sell high to earn Madden Mobile coins

Keeps eyes on the players who have low market value but there stats and rarity suggest a higher value.

You should buy them immediately as these players can give you profit if you wait for the right time.

When you think that you will get the best price for these players auctioned them in the auction house. Raise the minimum and buy now prices slightly but not too much so that they are still affordable to other players.


  1. Hold the player you don’t use anymore till the right time

Just don’t dump your unwanted players right away. The can be of some value in terms of sets.

If a player with a certain set hold it till you have completed the set to get some good rewards. That is the best time that you should put in for the auction for sale.


  1. Watch videos to earn Madden Mobile coins

It’s one of the easiest methods through which you can earn a decent amount of free Madden Mobile coins. What you have to do is go to your messages where you will have messages saying watch videos to earn coins. You can just watch these short videos and will get coins. You can do this on daily basis. Pretty easy right!


  1. Participate in weekly tournaments to earn Madden Mobile coins

That’s another fun way of earning some pretty decent amount of Madden Mobile cash. Tournament rewards you a different amount of Madden coins each time. That could be anywhere from 150 to 1000 coins. So you can see weekly tournaments are definitely a great way to earn some free coins.


  1. Complete your daily goals to earn Madden Mobile coins

Daily goals are another very easy way to earn some Madden coins fast. All you have to do is complete all seven of your daily goals. It’s going to take very little time of yours and you will earn 30 coins and 2000 XP points. You can complete daily goals every day and it keeps on adding up and within a week you can earn 200 Madden Mobile coins. Combine it with daily video watching and you will be making over 500 coins weekly.


  1. Buying and selling bronze and silver player.

Go to the auction house and check out bronze players. Buy them which are available at a reasonable price. Now go to sets and tap the locker button. Scroll down and you will find the bronze player trade in option. Put the entire bronze player that you don’t use anymore in the sets and you will be rewarded two trophy packs. Repeat the process again and again and when you have sufficient trophy packs sell them to make Madden Mobile coins.

When you have enough coins you can go for the silver players. Players are sold out quickly so you have to refresh every 5 minutes to see the new sets of player available. Silver trophy pack will be going to make you around 1000 coins.


  1. Earn Madden Mobile coins through quick sales

This is a little risky method but can give you a huge profit. It requires some upfront investment.

What you have to do is that you go to the marketplace and buy two gold players. First, you put them in sets and then you are going to place them in quick sell. That’s it.

Most of the time you will get a big return of your investment and you will earn a lot of free Madden Mobile coins, but as said earlier there is a slight chance that you can lose money too.  Repeat this method as much time as you want and see your coins increasing.


Some Advance Madden Mobile Tricks 

  • Waiting till Thursday when the team of the week and 24-hour player go live is a better option if you are thinking to buy more packs.
  • Sets are very important and they are particularly useful as you can use them in combination with cards you no longer to get good players and a good number of coins.
  • Don’t spend your coins on packs, save them for the better player in the auction house.
  • You have a better chance of getting players cheaper than they normally are at around midnight as around this time player count drop drastically.
  • Complete Longshot, as it allows you to take Longshot solo challenges, completing them will earn you a good amount of coins and better players too.

Upgrades are also very important and you should know when to buy a player and when to sell. This will not only save you from spending coins unnecessarily but can also help you earn them.


What Are Player Rating & How To Deal With It

  • Less than 60: These are players that you should replace as soon as possible.
  •  61-65: One week is the best time up to which you should hold these players.
  • 66-70: Hold them for the time period of ten days and then auction them.
  • 71-75: Players with these rating are good.
  • 76-80: Start acquiring them and use them in combination with players in 70s rating to improve performance.
  • 81-85: Quality players.
  • 86-90: Real deal players.
  • 91-95: Top ranking players.
  • 96-100: If you can have them on your team you will be invincible.



So these are some genuine Madden Mobile hacks and tricks that can let you earn huge amount of Madden Mobile coins.

If you have some more tricks up your sleeves do share with us in the comment section. We love to hear from our readers.

And if we come across any more tricks or tips we will surely update at the earliest.

Till then that’s all from this guide. Keep visiting our website for more hacks tips and tricks related to gaming, gift cards and freebies.


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