GTA 5 Redux is the hottest in the list of mods available for the incredibly successful Grand Theft Auto V game.

So in this article, we tell you everything you need to about this most sought after GTA 5 Redux mod.

GTA 5 Redux takes the already brilliant graphics of Grand Theft Auto V to a new level of graphical marvel. It completely changes the look of the game and adds to it jaw-dropping and gorgeous effects.

The enhanced texture, changed and expanded weather system, sunsets and increased level of police alertness looks so realistic that it totally overhauls the single player gaming experience and introduce us to a new height of virtual reality.

GTA 5 Redux


Understanding the GTA 5 Mods

GTA 5 Mods as the name suggests are the modifications that are introduced or installed to affect the in-game features and gameplay. These modifications are done by altering in-game logic and can drastically change the look of the game and enhance the gameplay features. One example could be replacing the player’s character model to any animal, or to fill the game with roaming bloodthirsty zombies.

Players across the globe love these mods, that’s why they are available in plenty and new releases on a regular interval

One such mod is the GTA 5 Redux which is the main focus of this article and which has taken the Grand Theft Auto V on the ride.


GTA 5 Redux features

This is just a brief rundown of the features, the GTA 5 Redux add to the Grand Theft Auto V world and totally revamp the look of Los Santos.


A totally changed weather system

Creator of this incredible GTA 5 Redux mod has re-written the weather system from the scratch so that the weather system is completely changed.

In the words of the creators, “all weathers have been carefully crafted to provide stunning sunrise and sunsets as well as midday and night time. All the weathers are made to blend naturally and create an image that will leave you breathless” and every word of them seems to reflect in their work.

Even the minute details have not been missed or overlooked. Some of the changes applied to the weather system are listed below:

  • Simulated global illumination with extended distance and intensity, as well as perfect shadow cascades.
  • Natural and revealing landscapes with perfect atmospheric touch with reconfigured and lowered fog, also the lowered lens effect and removed chromatic aberration has totally canceled the environmental blur and present a clear view.
  • Natural looking mist and fog with newly added volumetric lighting and weather particle effects. Also, the direct lighting effect for every single water bodies is also added that produce a stunning view of the water.
  • For perfect balance, additional color correction and postfix has been applied to each weather separately.
  • Bugs and odd light bubbles that blur the view have been removed. New and corrected texture to the coronas with increased and fine-tuned global reflection has also been added.


Effective use of ReShade & ENB

The Reshade and ENB post-processing tool are used very effectively to give new graphical effects.

The ReShade and ENB are applied for color correction, bloom, and tone mapping as well as much more graphical tweaks.

The user also has the option of further changing the look of the game with more than 15 other ReShade options that the GTA 5 Redux provides.

Some of the newly added and corrected effects are given below:

  • Reflections of glasses, wheels, and rims as well as the color and intensity of the sky, the sun, visibility of stars is corrected.
  • ENB external shader is used to modify the intensity, the reflection of water and light sprites.
  • Further options are also provided to modify all these aspects even more if the user wants to, is also provided through the ReShade and ENB.


Enhanced Texture

The GTA 5 Redux also introduces new and improved texture. A whole series of graphical tweaks had been done to achieve this, as they drastically change the look of GTA 5.

Some of the tweaks include:

  • Company texture for billboards, commercial vehicles, trailers and bus stop looks realistic.
  • Damage overlay texture is totally new, even the ground debris is not overlooked and got the new texture.
  • New vehicle dirt texture with corrected headlight texture, replacing the old yellow lights with more natural looking colors.
  • The ground, the countryside, plants, trees, grass, fire, particle effects, water all got the 4k texture.


Game enhancement and upgraded police system

The major overhaul that the GTA 5 Redux brings is perhaps in enhancing the gameplay. Police system is completely re-configured with the new wanted system.

The chase has also become harder for you as multiple helicopters, military vehicles are added.


Let’s look at some of the game enhancement tweaks that the GTA 5 Redux introduces:

  • New handling and controls for every vehicle. Weight and suspension of the vehicles are also corrected.
  • New and improved drift capabilities with modified and upgraded damage and deformation limits.
  • New and totally reconfigured wanted system with a 5-star military, 4 star FBI, 3 stars SWAT.
  • Improved and advanced AI for officers and military, so that they can employ new tactics.
  • New characters models. Female police as well as previously not used character models are also added to force.
  • New and realistic weapon recoil, with realistic bullet speeds and drop distance.
  • Realistic bullet projectile, not a direct hit, so target hitting requires more skills.
  • New and realistic weapon smoke, muzzle flash and barrel trail effects.

We have presented all major tweaks and upgrades that the GTA 5  Redux applies to GTA 5  game, just to give you the idea about the enormity and scale at which this GTA 5  mod change and upgrade the in-game graphics. There are much more effects and tweaks that cannot be listed here and we personally believe that you should experience them yourself by installing the GTA 5 Redux mod.


How to download and install the GTA 5 Redux?

Unfortunately, the original site of the GTA 5 Redux is not online anymore but the good news is there are many good and trusted sites from where you can download the GTA 5 mods.

You just have to make sure that these sites are really trustful. If any websites ask for your personal information for the download, leave the site immediately. Never give your personal information or your bank or credit card details to anyone. Trusted and genuine websites never ask for any personal information.

So before we proceed further you should check your system meets the requirement to install and run the GTA 5 Redux mod.


System requirement for the GTA 5  Redux

  • Original copy of the Grand Theft Auto 5.
  • Minimum 70 GB of disk space should be required for the installation. GTA 5 mods are kept in a separate mod folder.
  • A system that smoothly runs the vanilla version of GTA 5 even on the high settings. As the GTA 5 Redux heavily improves the graphics so a frame drop of 5 to 10 FPS is expected.


How to install the GTA 5 Redux

Installing the GTA 5 Redux is easy and we have provided the complete step by step guide. Make sure that you follow all the steps in correct order so as to avoid any issue or error:


OpenIV Installation

  • First of all, install OpenIV. It’s a tool that is required for the installation of the GTA 5
  • Once the installation is done open the OpenIV and select the Grand Theft Auto V window. After this select the GTA 5 The path will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.
  • From the tool, menu selects the ASI manager. Install the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI. This is important as the game will not load modified RPF archive without the ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI plugins.


Script Hook V Installation

  • Now you have to install the Script Hook V. Script Hook V library allow us to use the GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins and is also necessary to run the GTA 5 Redux.
  • Download the latest version from the link Once downloaded, open the zip file and copy the ScriptHookV.dll, and dinput8.dll from the bin folder to the GTA 5 main folder.


Now install the GTA 5  Redux

You should make sure that you have a clean GTA 5 installation with no other mods installed to proceed further.

  • Download and extract the files from the GTA 5 Redux zip archive.
  • Run OpenIV, from the tools menu select package installer and find the GTA_5_REDUX_V1.X.oiv file from the extracted files folder of the GTA 5 Redux.
  • Just open the .oiv file to start the installation. From the package installer window click on install and chose the path for the created mod folder.
  • Wait for a while as the installer copy all the files required to run the mod from the GTA 5 main folder. That’s it!

You can further install ReShade. It gives you more options to change the look of GTA 5 Redux. You have to just download ReShade from its official website and install it.


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GTA 5 Redux FAQs

  • Will it run on the cracked or pirated copy of GTA 5?

We do not support piracy nor do we recommend it. As for the running of the mod, it is possible but we strongly recommend that you should not.

  • Is it possible to install other GTA 5 mods alongside the GTA 5 Redux?

The GTA 5 Redux mod in itself is a very heavy mod and provides more effects and functionality than any other GTA 5 mod. So we recommend that you do not install any other mod alongside it.

  • Will this mod be installed on console?

The answer is NO. You cannot install it on PlayStation or XBOX.

  • Is the mod available online to play?

No. The GTA 5 Redux mod only affects the single-player gameplay. The ScriptHookV, an essential program to run the mod will not let you play it online.

  • Is it safe to download and install GTA 5 Redux mod on our systems?

While it’s perfectly safe if you downloaded it from a trusted website, but even then you should exercise some caution. Never provide any personal information if asked for and never trust websites which ask for such information.



That’s all that you need to know about the GTA 5 Redux. We have made sure to give you detail information regarding the GTA 5 mod. But in case of anything left or not covered please mention it in the comment section and we will definitely cover it.


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