Super Easy and Legit iTunes Gift Cards Hacks

Apple products are expensive, be it the phones, laptops, iPads etc.

Same goes for the iTunes Store. If you are iPhone user you may know that how you have to pay for almost everything on the iTunes store.

And how much you wish that someone gift you the iTunes Gift Card.

You would have most certainly searched the internet for free iTunes gift card hacks or any other working methods to generate free iTunes Gift Card Codes.

There is also very high possibility that you may have landed on iTunes Gift Card Generator websites that claim to generate Gift Card codes through there generator software.

Firstly if all your searches have gone in vain then there is good news for you, you have landed in the right place.

Here in this guide we are sharing some super easy methods and hacks to generate free iTunes gift cards.

These methods do not require you spend any money, but you do have to invest some of your time.

Secondly, we would like to warn you against the iTunes gift card generator websites.

They are all fake and scams. The reason we will discuss later in this guide.

Free iTunes Gift Card Hack

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What are iTunes Gift Cards?

These gift Cards are an alternative to money for buying anything on the iTunes store. They come in a fixed value in money such as $10, $20 or $30.

Best iTunes Gift cards Hacks

Let’s learn some very easy and legit methods and hacks to get iTunes gift cards totally free.

Method 1: SignUp for the Reward Programs

Rewards programs or the Get Paid To websites should be your first stop if you want to get iTunes gift codes.

These websites are the most surefire way to earn any gift cards.

You just have to perform some specific and very easy tasks such as watching a video.

Some best reward programs are:

Method 2: SignUp for app-based Reward Programs

Mobile-based Reward Programs works the same way as their websites based counterparts.

The main benefits of the app based reward programs is that you can download the app on your mobile and complete the provided tasks even on the go.

  • JunoWallet

  • e-Rewards Mobile

Method 3: SignUp for Promotional Offers

There are plenty of companies over the internet that sometimes provides free gift cards in return for subscribing for their newsletter or promotion their products over social media and other platforms.

You just have to search for some legit websites and signup for their newsletters or other promotional offers.

iTunes Gift Card Generator Legit or Scam

As we have told you above that the generator software is a total waste of time and here we tell you why.

Every iTunes Gift Cards generator website will claim that as you press the button of their generator software it hacks into the iTunes servers and from there, they generate iTunes Gift Cards codes for you.

Well, that is a total lie.

Think for yourself, is it that easy to fool apple, a multibillion-dollar company?

Is it that easy for software to hack into iTunes servers?

The truth is that these generator websites only fool and scam people.

You will get nothing out of them. So better stay away from such sites.


These are some of the best and proven hacks that will surely generate for you free iTunes Gift Card if you follow them properly.

The only thing you have to understand is you get something for the exchange of other.

All these methods require a little bit of your time, and most of them can be done when you are free or on the go.

Try them all and get yourself an iTunes Gift Card, without spending a single buck from your pocket.



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