Best Free Amazon Gift Cards Hacks

If you are tired searching for methods to get free Amazon Gift Cards and yet still haven’t found a single working method or hacks or any tricks, then this is good news for you.

Your search is over now. You have reached the right place.

Here in this very guide we are going to some very easy methods that will get free Amazon Gift Cards in no time.

Yes you read it right! There are genuine methods and hacks to get Amazon Gift Card and that too free of cost and we are going to share them all here.

The only thing you have to understand is that nothing is completely free.

While the methods we have are going to share here do not require you to spend any money on them.

But you still have to put some effort. This effort will be in the form of doing some easy to complete task that require just minute or so of your time.

The second and very important thing that we always warned our reader of is the fake generator websites like the  Amazon Gift Card Generator.

They are nothing but scam.

These websites are a total waste of your time. Never trust them, and always stay at a distance from them.

Free Amazon Gift Card
Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Get Free Amazon Gift Card – 100% working methods

Now let’s look at some the methods that if you follow them properly, will surely get Amazon Gift Code.

Method 1: Promotions

If you want to get some extra benefits from your shopping then why not take advantage of promotional offers.

These offers sometimes get you gifts cards as well as cash back.

Many popular online as well as offline vendors do promotional offers from time to time.

You can even sign up for their newsletter for any upcoming promotional offers.

  • Amazon Promotions

  • Ibotta

Method 2: Get Paid To Websites

These sites provide a good online platform to earn some extra cash online, without putting much effort.

Some rewards you with points for the completion of certain tasks.

These points can then be redeemed for gift cards of various online shopping portals including Amazon.

Some such popular sites are listed here:

  • Swagbucks

  • MyPoints
  • Appkarma

  • Inbox Dollars

  • Viggle

  • InstaGC

Methods 3: Complete Surveys

Online survey sites are also a great way of earning gift cards.

You only have to fill out online surveys provided on these sites and you get paid for each completed survey.

  • Opinion Outpost

  • Toluna

  • Ipsos I-say

  • MySurvey

Method 4: Trade in sites

Trade in sites are great to get some use full item such as an Amazon Gift Card in return of something you no longer use.

Method 5: Few Other Online Websites that will get you a Amazon Gift Cards

Free Amazon Gift Card Generator Online – Scam or Legit

Here in this section we will see that whether or not these Amazon Gift Card generator are scam or legit.

The first thing these generator claims that they hack into Amazon servers and from there they generate Amazon Gift Card Code.

Well if it was that easy Amazon would have never become a global marketplace, and would surely have gone bankrupt.

So there goes the claim. It’s impossible to hack into Amazon servers.

So if they can’t do the job as they are claiming to then what they are up to.

Well isn’t it obvious. They are their only to cheat an unaware user. It could have been you. But lucky you landed on our website.

So our best advice to you is to never trust such generator websites!

Final words

This is the complete guide where we have shared some totally legit and working methods to get free Amazon Gift Card.

Remember our advice of not trusting any fake Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator websites.

Put some efforts in these methods and see how easily you get a Gift Card in no time.


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