Proven Clash Royale Hacks and tricks to generate free gems in huge amount

In this guide, we are going to tell about all the legit Clash Royale Hacks & cheats to generate unlimited free Gems online.

A lot of players searches the internet for working ways to get Clash Royale free gems.

But often their search results in nothing or they came across methods that are totally fake and not working such as the Clash Royale gems generator.

That’s why we have put together this guide so that the fan of Clash Royale can get all the legit methods to generate Clash Royale gems for free.

These Clash Royale Hacks and tricks are totally legit and 100% working. We have worked hard to make sure that only the genuine ways to get Clash Royale free gems to reach to our readers.


Clash Royale Gems Generator Scam [Exposed!]

We always want our readers to be safe from any kind of internet scams that’s why we felt the need of exposing the truth about Clash Royale gems generator websites that players searching for legit Clash Royale hacks may have come across.

There are many websites on the internet that claims to provide thousands of Clash Royale free gems instantly with their Clash Royale gems generator.

As they claim, you just have to enter the number of gems you want and just press the generate button and you instantly get a huge amount of Clash Royale gems.

Easy right? We wish it was, but no it’s not!

These online Clash Royale gem generator websites will trap you in a series of task that you have to complete before you get your gems but in the end, you will get nothing.

They may even ask you to provide you’re personal or bank details that may result in you being scammed of your money too.

So we strongly recommend that you should always stay away from such websites.

Clash Royale Hacks

Clash Royale hacks and tricks – genuine methods to generate free Clash Royale gems

We have listed all the methods below. But these methods don’t work instantly and require some efforts. So read on

Method 1: Get free Clash Royale gems through gameplay itself

Playing the Clash Royale game itself provide some very easy ways to generate a pretty decent amount of Clash Royale Free Gems.

These methods are very easy and require no extra effort and you get gems while playing the game.

  1. Open free chest and crown chest to get free gems.
  2. Participate in challenges and tournament to get free gems.

Method 2: Use Get Paid To royalty apps to get free gems

There are certain apps and websites that provide free gift cards that you can exchange for Clash Royale free gems.

You only have to complete some little task. This Clash Royale hack is fairly easy and totally safe to get some free gems. Some apps/websites are listed below:

  1. FreeMyApps
  2. BigCash
  3. Appbounty
  4. PointsPrizes

Method 3: Buy the Clash Royale gems from store

On many online stores, Clash Royale gems are available on discounted price. So if you are in dire need of some Clash Royale gems then you always have the option of buying them.


So, these are all the legit and genuine Clash Royale hacks and tricks to generate unlimited free gems.

These methods are not going to results in huge amount of Clash Royale Gems instantly but will require little bit efforts.

But you will definitely get a huge amount of Clash Royale Free Gems. Just follow them with some patience.

We have already warned you against the Clash Royale Gems Generator, and we want to advise you the same again, just stay away from them if you don’t want to get scammed or robbed off your money and personal information.


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