Generate heaps of Gems with these Clash of Clans Gems hacks and Cheats

In this article, we are going to detail proven Clash of Clans Gems hacks and cheats to generate unlimited Clash of Clans gems.

On the internet, there are many that claim to provide you secret methods to earn Clash of Clans free gems, but generally they are all fake and scam.

You may have heard of COC generator (more in detail below) that provide unlimited Clash of Clans gems but they are useless and don’t provide you any benefit.

Well if you are the victims of these useless searches or you haven’t found any working methods to generate Clash of Clans free gems, then you have come to the right place.

Our team of gamers have thoroughly scoured the internet and found the best working COC hacks to earn free Clash of Clans gems.

These methods are totally genuine and 100 % working!


Clash of Clans Gems HackMethods to generate heaps of free Clash of Clans gems

There are several working methods to get Clash of Clans free gems and for the sake of our reader, we have categories them according to the action or the task they required you to complete.

# Method 1:  Generate gems by tweaking your Clash of Clans surroundings and completing achievements.

These are by far the easiest methods to generate some legal free Clash of Clans gems. They do not require much effort and are very easy to perform. The methods are listed below:

  1. Removing Obstacles
  2. Gem boxes
  3. Gems mine
  4. Completing the achievements

We have further listed all the achievement that you have to complete

  • Get Goblins

  • Fair PlayUnion

  • BusterSweet

  • VictoryLeague

  • All-Star


#Method 2: Get Clash of Clans gems through game play itself.

You are certainly going to love these methods if you are the true fan of COC. The game play itself provides you with several opportunities to get free Clash of Clans gems in huge amounts.

Fun, action and gems at the same time.

  1. Win the clan tournament
  2. Win out of the game tournaments
  3. Participate in weekly events

# Method 3: Buy the Clash of the Clans gems

This method is certainly not necessary but we wanted to list every legit method to our reader.

If you are in dire need of gems then you always have the option of buying them. You will have spent some bucks of your own.

Beware of the Clash of Clans generator {Scam Alert}

While searching for the legit methods to gets free Clash of Clans gems, we also came across hundreds of fake methods too, and we think it’s our duty to inform our readers about these methods so they stay away from them.

One of them is the Clash of Clans generator scam websites. These websites claim to provide you with unlimited free Clash of Clans gems in no time through there fake Clash of Clans online generator.

Well, all these Clash of Clans gems generator websites are fake and a hoax.

They are there only for their own malicious motives and are ready to scam you of your money and personal information.

They will either compel you to install some applications or complete some surveys, but they won’t provide you any gems.

So we strongly advise you to always stay away from these websites.


These are all the methods and Clash of Clans gems hacks and tricks that we have found through searching the internet and with our own experience of the Clash of Clans game.

These methods are all genuine and totally legit and will definitely generate heaps of Clash of Clans gems for you.

But do remember our advice and stay away from the fake online  Clash of Clans gems generator websites and enjoy the game.



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