How to change Minecraft Skin?

We bring to you a detailed guide on how to change Minecraft Skin, through this article.

Don’t you know that Minecraft allows changing the skin of your game’s character to whatever you like?


Well, it’s true, and here in this guide, we are going to tell all the methods to change the Minecraft skin.

If you have stuck with the default skin of Steve and Alex for too long now is the time to change that Minecraft skin to another character of your liking.

We are not saying that the default Minecraft Skin is not good, in fact, they are perfect for anyone who is just beginning the Minecraft game.

But if you are playing the game for a while things get little boring playing with the same old default skin.

At some point, players do feel the need of changing Minecraft Skin.

Well, now Minecraft allow changing the Minecraft skin.

And it’s quite easy too.

You could change your characters’ skin in Minecraft to anyone of your liking.

You could become a king; you could become a warrior or a knight.

Choices are unlimited.

Now the question is how to change Minecraft skin?

Don’t worry; with this guide, we will help you to do that without any hassle.

Just follow this guide and you will have your shining new Minecraft Skin in no time.

Guide To Change Minecraft Skin
Guide to change Minecraft Skin

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Minecraft – A brief introduction

Minecraft is game developed by Markus Persson and further developed by the gaming company Mojang.

Minecraft literally means mining that is work and craft that is to build.

The game allows building a 3D world using blocks.

How you play the game totally depends on your creativity.

There is different mode too. And you have to work hard and acquire resources to build the world you imagined.

Methods to change Minecraft skin in PC

Here we are going to tell all the methods to change the skin in Minecraft for the PC.

Method 1: Choose the new skin from the skin chooser feature in the game.

Skin chooser feature in the Minecraft game will let you change the default skin in no time.

Though it has limited skins to choose, it is the best and fastest way.

Method 2: Download new skin from the internet

This method gives you the choice of millions of skin to choose from.

Just visit the

You just have to download Minecraft skin from the internet and then upload it to your game account.

To upload the new skin, go to your Minecraft account and go to upload.

Methods to change Minecraft skin in Xbox and Playstation

To change the skin on both the console you first go to the console library and press the help & options button.

From there just choose the change skin option.

After selecting the skin you like just press the A button for Xbox and X button for PlayStation to apply the skin.

Method to change Minecraft skin in pocket edition

To change the skin in the pocket edition you first download the skin from the internet.

After this, you have to open the pre-installed skin window.

Choose the skin you just have downloaded.

Just confirm the skin and you will have your new skin for your character.

Top Websites to download Minecraft Skins

Here are the top websites that give you an unlimited choice of skin to choose from.

You can find the best skin for your character that you want.

  • MCSkinsearch


That’s all on how to change the skin in mine craft.

No matter on what platform you play the Minecraft game, we have discussed all the methods to change the skin in Minecraft.

Just follow the above-mentioned methods completely, change the skin and enjoy the game.




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